sound distortion

Since I moved from my Usbridge to the signature when I play an album I have a strong distortion at the beginning and the end of each song. How can I change that?

I tried all kind of settings but the problem remains

I’m still struggling with this problem, specially with Qobuz. It is at each track and it’s very annoying. If I play with airplay I don’t have any problem. I tried resampling higher and lower same same
I have the latest version 2.833 but it was the same with the previous ones

Having the same problem with the new tidal integration - terrible distortion, fine with AirPlay.

Any news here?

I fear this is an USBBridge HW issue with some samplerates\bitdepth. I suggest to ask Allo…

By updating the ethernet driver.
Another workaround is to use WiFi.

Good Eliad!!

Thanks for the update


How did you update the ethernet driver?

To know your driver version you have to login to volumio through ssh and enter this command:

sudo modinfo ax88179_178a | grep version

and to update :

sudo cd /usr/src

sudo sudo wget

sudo sh

Then reboot the player and check.

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what he said (:smile:

I see, ok!
Watch out when you do an update, if we change the kernel, you will have to do it again.
I don’t think it will create you problem when you update, but just be aware that there can be

Hey, the drivers are not available anymore for the latest kernel (volumio 3.569), where can I found the previous working version of volumio ? Unfortunately I won’t be able to update volumio anymore as Allo shut down

Is this what you need?

Yep that the one ! Perfect thanks. Now I have to be careful not to update anymore until I find a solution for the latest kernel