sound disappear - digione

Hi all,

I don’t know what’s going on - I have a problem that my volumio stops playing after a while.

Mostly using spotify connect - via volspotconnect2 (latest version)
Output via Allo DigiOne
v 2.233

After the sound stops only thing to help is to reboot.
In the log i tried playing a single flac after the sound disappeared, but nothing else worked. Airplay didnt work etiher, and the player wouldnt player anything than that single song ONCE…

Before this latest reboot, it stopped sound on a webradio.

I see in log alot of :
radio volumio[1036]: Wrong scontrol identifier:

See log:

Log is mostly gibberish to me - so if anyone have a faint idea of what is wrong please advice :slight_smile:


1- You’re using a devevelopment version, which can be really unstable. Please use the special version for digione and not this one
2- The issue can be due to spotify connect also, which is still a bit unstable

1- thought we were supposed to go from 2.203 when the new test v2.230 were released - the 2.203 is not that stable :slight_smile:

And yes - i know I’m running on test version - I’m testing :slight_smile:

This is the logs from v 2.203. Without the plugin volspotconnect2. Used the “official” Spotify plugin.

Still stops music when playing but webradio and Spotify - and still alot of “wrong scontrol”

Have similar issue
Paspberry PI2/3
Allo Piano DAC
Volimio 2.201

Playback from NAS

Sound disappear after few tracks.

No issue with same hardware/software but HiFiberry DAC+ (chinese clone) instead of Piano

i have the same problem with official VERSION: 2.246

i use raspberry PI 2 with allo DIGiONE

after a couple of tracks no more sound. ( seem like the raspberry bug and nothing more work. i have to reboot )

the first time i used digione i had a lot of crack sound in the background.

i used and external hardrive 3"1/2 with 3 partitions. ( volumio is very slow to detect the 3 partitions on the external hard drive on USB. 30 min to detect the 3 partitions )

i decided to use my small 2"1/2 hardrive ( 1 partition ) and the sound do not stop after couple of tracks playing.

You definetely have a power problem there: the pi is not able to feed that hard drive and the digione at the same time. Use a powered USB hub to connect your hard drive

I don’t think so
Because the first hardrive was powered and second one is not

I don’t have trouble with the hard drive who is not powered

I use hdplex 100w to power my pi and external hardrive.

Hi Carib ,

it is possible that you have a defective unit. I will PM you.

ok thanks


this is a print screen of my tablet when some bugs happened