Sorting source search results


I don’t know if it have been asked yet but, as i’m using Qobuz, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, MixCloud and my local NAS as sources, i would like to be able to choose in what order the result are displayed.

For now, when i’m searching for an artist, answers will be in organised in that order :

  • Local NAS
  • Bandcamp artist
  • Bandcamp Album
  • Bandcamp Track
  • Mixcould shows
  • Soundcloud Users
  • Soundcloud Album
  • Soundcloud playlist
  • Soundcloud Track
  • Qobuz Artists
  • Qobuz Albums
  • Qobuz Tracks

But Qobuz is my main source, the first i would like on top of the list (Qobuz Artists), then Bandcamp Artist, then Soundcloud artists etc…

Maybe is there an existing pluggin to order this already ?


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Surprised there isn’t more love for this. I’ve just started using Volumio today and this is immediately my biggest frustration with it.

You can disable this sources from the sources menu, and you will only get QOBUZ search results

We dont want to disable a sources, we would like to sort the result, or at least, to keep only “Bancamp Artist” and disable “Bandcamp Album and Bandcamp Track” for example.

Not sure how you want to program this. Just thinking out loud.

From Volumio’s point of view, a plugin is a black box.
So in the best case,

  • Volumio needs to index all installed plugins, determine if they are/can be part of a search routine
  • Finds some magic code, that can debug the plugins index.js to find what the plugin is doing and if there are items that can be in-, excluded
  • next build a dynamic screen to harvest all these results

or program everything manually and keep refactoring this code on every plugin change, or new plugin.

You can also fast select your source by using these buttons in the manifest UI:

I would like to see this feature as well. Showing web radio results before Qobuz doesn’t make a lot of sense (I would put web radio last as people don’t generally use search for web radio anyway).

I was also looking for this feature multiple times. A current use case: I’m throwing a housewarming party and would like for people to be able to add to the party queue themselves with their phones. For first-time users it would be great if “Youtube music” would be the top service, so that they would not need to scroll through all results from “Mixcloud” or “Bandcamp” first.

Of course, I can also temporarily disable all other options, and that’s probably what I’m going to do.

Still, also for myself I’d like to be able to define the order of appearance of search results.