Sorting Artists Beginning with "The"

One thing I miss in Volumio as opposed to Plexamp is the sorting of artists that begin with “The”. Plexamp sorts them by the next string in the artist name after “The”. I find this a more logical way to do it. I know some might not like it. Maybe a choice in the Sources menu to sort in such a manner.

Just a thought. Thanks.

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You can do it in your tag editor, use Clash, The in the artist field, instead of The Clash.
It isn’t how I do it, I just have The Clash and work with it that way in Volumio.

Yeah, sure, but the name of the band is “The Clash”, not “Clash, The”. This seems easy to do programmatically. One of, if not the biggest, competitor for Volumio Plex/Plexamp seems to be able to do it. Making it a toggle-able setting would also seem easy. I dunno. I’m not a programmer (I’m a pen tester) so maybe it’s not.

Personally, I think “The” is the only article it should be done for.

IMHO it would be best if the sorting options of Volumio under “Sources => Music library settings => Sort by” were extended so that you could also sort by “artistsort” and “albumartistsort”. In this way, the “artistsort” tag could be filled with “Clash, The”, for example, while the “artist” tag would still contain “The Clash” so that you could sort by either one or the other.

And it would also be nice if Volumio would do it for Dutch, German, Italian, French en Spanish, to name a few other languages. Never mind the increase in programming code.

Then I think it would make more sense to have a user list where you can add these keywords yourself, like it is handled in LMS.

What is your take on this?

Oh now that would be perfect…fully endorse that plan :slight_smile:

What will happen with the band The The? :wink:

prb. the same as with Los Los or De De.
But I guess it’s smarter to concentrate on 99% success instead of 1% error. :wink:

There’s an American rock band called THE.
They were asking for invisibility when they came up with that one.

Sort right before The Them? :rofl: