Sort webradio by name Volumio 2


I hoped to use this forum guide to sort the webradio list by name. Unfortunately the instructions don’t apply to the restructured Volumio 2. I don’t mind the editing but I don’t know where or how. Can anyone point me in the right direction and tell me what and how I should change the text?

Thanks very much for your time.


In current versions 2.041 or later Radio channels is sorted by name !
“Favourite Radios” is not editable (Channels added by Soutcast search etc.)
“My Web Radios” is editable ! , but if you change name it will create a copy of the channel, then delete the wrong named

I updated Volumio to the latest version and now My Web Radios is auto-sorted by name. Feeling a little stupid right now. Thanks for holding this idiot’s hand.


Hi Thomas

My pleasure if I could help !
I have worked with software/system support 24/7 the last 20 years and what I’ve learned is that a easy answer on a easy question are the most appreciated

The Unix geeks are more interested in making totaly unknown “DIY” DACs work than answer “stupid” questions so my mission is to take them

Note: Microsoft’s Powertool “Paint” is my prefered tool !
“A picture is saying more than thousand words”

Your help is super super appreciated! You really make this place friendlier…