Sort Artists by Album Artist Sort Order Metadata

Right now I have a choice of sorting based on either artist or albumartist.

Since the two variants of “sort order” metadata presumably were added to avoid having Bob Dylan appear between (well, I was going to say The Beatles and The Brown Shoes, but those groups end up filed under ‘T’ for the same darn reason).

Anyway, the point is that this metadata exists, at least in some people’s collections, especially if they are tagging from MusicBrainz data. (Check out their freeware tag editor, Picard.) It would be nice if we could ask Volumio to use it as intended.

And yes, I made up the band name The Brown Shoes to make my point.

If this is a case of RTFM, please just point me to where in TM I should FR.

Thanks for your work on Volumio!

– chanthing

Here, here!

Did anyone ever point you in the right direction?