Sort albums under artist by date as well as alphabetically

Currently when starting from the Artist view all of the albums by that artist are listed alphabetically. Many people find it is more logical to list those albums by release date. Could you add the option to choose either alphabetically or by release date to this view.


I so very much agree.

This has been requested since 2017 and I really hoped it would have been included in version 3.

It cannot be that hard to implement ---- Please.

Yip, I mean seriously it should be this by default!

Yes, that keeps being repeated here by the devs all the time (not) :sleeping:

you can work around this, until the dev’s have time to pick it up. (As a lot of small things becomes a big amount of time)
Add the release year in front of the album name:


And bless Tags2Folders and Mp3tag. Renaming +2500 nested folders manually would be self defeating.

Or MediaMonkey, 1 app that does it all

Are you saying here that it sorts by FOLDER name and not even by album name?

That would seem very odd. Also, isn’t organising as “Brothers in Arms (1985)” considered best practice and therefore readable by other media software/players.

If it is sorting by Folder, I think it’s doing something else as well - some sort of super-sub-sorting on top of that.

For example, I have

FLAC\Queen\A night at the opera
FLAC\Queen\Live at the Rainbow '74\March 1974
FLAC\Queen\Live at the Rainbow '74\November 1974
MP3\Queen\I’m going slightly mad (single)

And it sorts in that order, but using the album name from the tags…

Which means that even with the pre-fixed year, it may still sort things under those directories in a way that seems odd, and in my case it will list everything in MP3 share after everything in FLAC share, regardless of the year prefix…

A proper “group and sort by album name, year” is really required here.