Sonos-Cast without Tidal-Hifi?

I am now a Premium user and find it really great in combination with Tidal (Hifi) and Sonos Cast :wink:

But there is a big “BUT”. At the moment it’s a 30-day trial and after that it would cost €5 (volumio premium) + €10 (Tidal hifi), a total of €15 per month, €180 per year :-/

Unfortunately, that’s too expensive in the long run. So I have to downgrade a bit … Well, the Tidal-Hifi is not absolutely necessary, as I have a large music collection of my own and otherwise play radio stations and podcasts. But the Sonos cast is important for me.

My question now is whether it is possible to use the Sonos Cast without a Tidal-Hifi account!!?!? I would still be a Volumio Premium customer.

I am looking forward to your answers.

Yes absolutely

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