Songs not showing some tag data


I’ve got 3 songs in my library which only display the song name tag, but not the artist or album name. They are in a folder on an attached USB drive which contains several thousand songs which are displaying correctly. There are other songs in the same folder, which belong to the same album as the problem files, and they display all tag data. In the albums view there is an album, sorted with the other albums by this artist, which displays only an asterisk, and the 3 songs are shown as belonging to this album.

I’ve used mp3tag and retagged the entire album with the artist and album name, and the problem songs display all tags correctly in iTunes and foobar2000, but not in Volumio.

I’ve rescanned and updated my library with no change in behavior. Running Volumio 2.729 on RPi

Anyone? Are there built in tools that would let me look at the mpd database and see if there problem is there vs something in the Volumio UI? Not afraid to spelunk if someone gives me the route.