Songs don't show up: UDOO/RaspberryPi and NFS with Synology


I just got a UDDO and a Raspberry Pi, to test both and to see which I like better. However with both I run into the same problem:

After mounting the Synology NAS shared folder in volumio.local no songs appear under the NAS directory.

I am on OSX and I have already set up the proper NFS permissions in Synology software. I get an OK mounting:

NAS/myNasServer //

which is my shared folder filled with music, but when browsing, nothing comes up under NAS in the main window.

UPDATE. Before finishing this post, the UDOO actually read the directory, just like that, after many tries. I could browse and create playlists but when playing no audio came out through the headphone out and the player UI seemed clunky and showed no signs of any song playing. The Raspberry Pi does not read files in the directory.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

What dac are you using with udoo?

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Ok, before trying to play anything just select the vt audio output from playback menu. and apply settings
Then update the db, and when it finishes, you’re good to go.

Let me know