Songs are unsorted in an album, seemingly randomly

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 4.19
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B+
DAC: Onboard DAC

When viewing an album, the song order is seemingly random:

It remains random (in the same order though) on playback as well.
I am using an nfs server as the source for the media (flac). The source directory works fine with Plex and mpd on the server itself, but not in Volumio. The files are in the format SongNo - SongName.flac, with the song number being zero-padded.
Any help is appreciated


Is it possible that a music database update was running when you saw this? The sorting of tracks by number happens late in the scan process and if you try to view an album while the scan/update is happening then it can end up showing the tracks out of order.

Thanks so much! Apparently mpd hanged on loading the very last album for a while without me knowing. The issue is now fixed.