Song start/change glitches after update version 2.834


I have a Volumio Primo. After updating to the latest Volumio version 2.834 there is a problem when I start or change a track. There is a short (maybe 1/3 of a second) glitching/scratching sound. Simultaneusly my DAC is unable to recognize the correct bit-rate (indicator leds flashing during this same 1/3 of a second). This occurs everytime if I start playing a track or manually change the tracks while streaming from USB HDD (with Volumio Primo) but this error does not happen if a track is changed automaticly by playlist progression or by manually scrolling/searching inside a track during play. This scrolling/searcing and playlist progressing do introduce the same short glitching/scratching behaviour when streaming from Spotify.

I have tried to max the buffering (to 12Mb and 40%) with no help.

This behaviour was introduced after the latest update, however I’m not quite sure of my previous version if I have skipped one or two updates.

Any ideas? Thank you!

And my Volumio Primo is connected with coaxial to my DAC (Corda Daccord-FF)

It seems to be related to this issue of mine, very damm similar.