Something strange with tag artist and album artist

bonjour volumio, my library of flac file use ARTIST and ALBUM ARTIST tag.
my problem :
a search on “mile davis” give a liste of album with ARTIST= miles or ALBUM ARTIST= Miles. it’s fine but…
if I click on resultLine where ARTIST=miles volumio don’t show the album and show this :

Capture d’écran 2021-01-22 222651

for a another album with the same tag-structure volumio work fine
by example miles appears on cannonball adderley’s album : A click on the line result show :

the file are correctely tagging with the tools. I don’t understand why volumio work different? I’m short now who can help me ? merci à tous.

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I noticed the same behaviour.
If the tags “artist” and “album artist” have the same content there is no problem.
But if the tag “Album atist” is different from the tag “artist” then volumio behaves strangely as you describe it.
However, we generally use the tag “artist” to classify the albums and the tag “album artist” to list the artists present in the albums (several artists therefore).
For my part, I think it’s a bug of volumio.
Moreover, if you browse the albums there is no problem. The bug appears if you browse the library by the artists.

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Hello, same bug there : the result found from “Artist” tag give an error when clicking on it : Error (No result). So, i think there is no way to found track from an “artist” when the “album artist” is not the same or not equal to “Various”.

It would be great too if the artists presents in that tag appear in the Artist listing in volumio and if we could find easely every track they participated to.

PS : I am not agree with @Gilles1 it is the opposite for me :slight_smile: we generally use the tag “album artist” to classify the albums and the tag “artist” to list the artists present in the albums (several artists therefore).

I had the same problem today. I usually browse by artist and then album and today suddenly no tracks was listed for albums. I went to settings sources and switched order by album artist to order by artist and that seems to have fixed it.

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