Something Special. Something Meaningful

Just press Play.

To be the first to know when it lands:

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Interesting, I’m waiting

Finally :face_with_peeking_eye:


The game changer would be to be the first to purpose Amazon Connect / Amazon music service, but I feel this is something else, maybe in relation with A.I. Can’t wait :wink:

found it way to early…

But jokes aside, Volumio team, thank you for your great products!

Thanks Volumio Team…


Guess it was not a pin button :joy:

Great specs and appearance.

Not being based on Rapsberry Pi, what is the expected compatibility with specific plugins like FusionDSP and PeppyMeter?

Paulo Nunes

it is based on Raspberry Pi CM4

FusionDSP works fine, we did not test PeppyMeter because it is not a plugin you can download and install from the plugin store