Something seems really Buggy with my Setup

I have been fighting with Volumio for months and months, come to think of it, it was a couple of years ago, bought this PIFI DAC 2.0 and thought I was going to have my Pi and Eat it Too. Wasn’t the case, put that bad boy back in it’s electrostatic bag and pack it away for safe keeping, thinking some day I will get this working. Time went by, and again, I was wanting to use external sound card to generate some Hi Fi sounds. So, back to the safe, open it up, and get the PIFI DAC 2.0 back out. Read though all the forums looking for info about PIFI DAC nothing to be found, posted some videos on youtube went to a bunch of forums and asked questions there, still nothing. I start to do some hacking of my own… I started with RUNE AUDIO, I believe, I did manage to get that up and running with the PIFI using HIFI Digi Berry Protocol , but not on Volumio. Just last fall I was trying again I thought I was using the HIFI Berry to use the PIFI soundcard. At Christmas time, I came across a new product called the Allo Piano 2.1 and the Reclocker called the Kali. Hooked all that up, and to my surprise, everything seemed to hook-up and connect properly with Ethernet Cable attached NAS configured everything was working that was hooked up to Raspberry Pi 3 and Sound Card with Reclocker using the Volumio 2.232 Build from November of 2017.

Today, I am trying to get the PIFI working again, downloaded and flashed a new image onto a freshly formatted MicroSD card plugged in the Ethernet cable hooked up the USB and Powered this device on, I have a touch screen attached to Raspberry Pi 3, I see the sign in I sign it with the Password, shows that I am logged in… Go To the Internet on my PC type in volumio.local/ …nothing…hit refresh several times, nothing… Turn Power Off, reboot…Try again…nothing…Smart Phone, Software installed, keep on clicking Device not found…again…device not found…I do this 10 times…Device Not Found…

Like what am I supposed to do, that I am not doing now…I follow Volumio’s instructions to the letter of the law…everything every little detail…step by step, laid out for me like I am a child and can’t do anything for myself…follow all the instructions just to be frustrated each and every time it comes back that Device is not found, or on the PC it just keeps looping around and around for 5 minutes, and then I stop it…

I am getting really tired of this. one moment it works, the next moment you are snookered.

Thanks Volumio Team. Appreciate your efforts. Any Info is Helpful.

You do not need to sign in to Volumio in order to use it.

‘volumio.local’ does not necessarily work … it depends what OS you are using to access it. A better way would be to use the IP address directly. If you are connected by ethernet, then have a look at your router for the RPi’s IP address in attached devices. If you are using wireless, then Volumio will have started a hotspot and will have the IP address (you will need to join the wireless network ‘Volumio’ with password ‘volumio2’ on your mobile/tablet/pc).

When you get to the web GUI you can set things up as you like, including installing the touch screen plugin (it will only display the command line until you get this installed).

I think that your experience may well improve if you adopt a slightly different approach in not adding all the components at once, and testing at each stage that everything works ok. Get a bare RPi working correctly first, and then add bits to it. Persevere :slight_smile:

Blimey Joe! You’ve gone to town a bit with your posts, from what I’ve read it could all have been done in one post.
I sincerely hope you get all the answers you need.

It’s difficult to fit everything neatly into one nicely packaged polished up easy to understand type question that has an all encompassing one word answer that solves all problems (I wish), however, I have worked through most of my questions issues… My PiFi DAC+ seems to only work using RUNE’s Audio Output Settings set to HiFi Berry DAC using either Raspberry Pi 3B or the new 3B+.

Using the same Raspberry Pi’s I am able to use Volumio ver. 2.389 (Stable 95% of the time) with Piano 2.1 DAC and Reclocker Kali, but had a heck of a time setting it up, as every time I selected the “Piano 2.1” it would keep defaulting to the Boss DAC, in the end though, after a lot of massaging… Now Volumio Shows the Piano 2.1 DAC as the Default DAC in use.

Another point of interest; is I enabled the Equalizer Pluggin, which shows up in the settings/playback options/audio output as the Default audio output devices DAC “Through Equalizer Pluggin”