Some quirks with new version 3.601

Just upgraded to Volumio 3.601 using a new SD card for a cleaning installation.

  • Qobuz songs take some minutes to load and sometimes the progress bar show reproduction but there is no sound on speakers;
  • Touch Display plugin (version 3.3.7) installation halts at 70% progression with an error (“Err:3 Index of /raspbian buster InRelease
    Could not connect to (, connection timed out”);
  • On Sources, Network disks the size show “NaN MB”. NAS folder appear correctly mounted but it doesn’t build the artists/albuns/tracks/time (its always empty) after content scanning.

Hardware is a Pi 4 with HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro pulling audio from Qobuz and a NAS server (Synology), controlled using a Pi-top FHD touch display.

Any suggestions to solve these?

This is most often a network issue and changing the repository mirror as described here may help.

I made the changes to the repository mirror and I was able to install Touch Display plugin. Many thanks for the help! :+1:

The other mentioned problems remains unsolved. :thinking:

Used the old SD card with Volumio OS version 3.546 (27 Sep 2023) and fortunatelly everything is working again!! :grin:

This reminds me that it’s always good to have a copy of the SD card of the latest version for which all is running fine.

Finally with newest version 3.616 everything is working now again! :ok_hand:

Just in case I’ll keep a copy of this installation on a backup SD Card (duplicaded with Paragon Disk Manager).