Some music files missing on USB drive

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2861
Hardware: Pi 4 4gb

I just join this community. I have loaded CDs to an usb thumb drive. For some reason about 25% of the files do not show up on Volumio. I have done a rescan and update with no changes to the count. I cannot determine which ones are not showing or why. I went down the community files here and did not find a solution. Sorry if I missed the answer. any help would be appreciated.

Are the files in a format supported by Volumio?
Do the files have consistent tagging?
Are there any corrupt files?
Are there any incorrect files such as a stray video file that might stop the scanning and cataloging?

Thank you for the help. All files are mp3 or m4a format, Tags appear to be consistent. How would I check for corrupt file? I see no video files in the folder.

Hmmm, maybe if you have the files on a drive you can connect to a computer;

  • order them by size and look for any that are way bigger or smaller
  • play them all with an alternate player

Or perhaps clean off the disk for your Volumio, then add back a band and their albums at a time and let the scan and catalogue process complete, then when it fails it will be the last thing you added.

Thanks will try that.

Here I suggested a method to check for corrupt files, see if it can help you.

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