Some help with Qobuz please SOLVED

Good afternoon guys

I’ve recently upgraded to virtuoso plan and signed up for a Qobuz trial to see how it all works as I’m a latecomer to streaming preferring to play my own collection.

Within my volumio I signed into Qobuz ok, and from the homepage the icon is there, I enter the Qobuz menu ok but every button I click on remains greyed out but nothing at all happens.

I have set up playlists etc within the Qobuz app but nothing appears within volumio, not even a search button?

I am hopefully doing something very silly but I can’t work out what.
Any ideas?

Ok it was a silly mistake by me, I logged on again using email instead and all is ok.
But I find the feature so laggy and unintuitive that I won’t be using it any time soon.

Ps I can’t for the life of me see a way to search Qobuz from within the plugin? The only search field I see is the volumio search that only searches my local file collection?