Some DSD files are not show at Library

Hy you all dear Friends

I mounted a Volumio (Volumio2.201 2017-06-13) with a Raspberry Pi 3 B connectet via USB to a iFi Nano iDSD DAC.

Wen I present the files to Volumio, that is stored in a Windows computer in a shared directory, Volumio do not recognize some DFF files, and don´t present then in “Browse” window. If I select Artist or Album it not apears. If I select Music Library then NAS is presented and the directories with the respective files apears and I can play it, but no infos is presentet in “Playback” window.

I just check out the tagging of every file and I can´t undestand why it happens with some “disks” and do not happens with another “disks” that hass the same format and tagging caracteristics.

Can someboddy, please, help me with this problem?

Please, can someboddy help me with this?


I have similar problem.
When I set “My music->Music Library Settings ->Show Track Numbers” On, DSD file names are broken, almost blank.
Set to Off, shows correct.

I hope this might help.

Hy Ycat3

Thanks, the problem to show music names is solved.

But the problem that some (the majority) of my SACD Library (exactly 80 SACDs) all of them in .DFF and tagged is not recognized in Albuns or Artists persist.

All apreciate if somebuddy HELP ME !!!

Can someboddy help me here?

I’m having some DSF tagging issues as well. In the Albums view I have an entire album not appearing and another that isn’t showing the Artist - Album Title. I’ve triple checked the metadata tags. they are ID3v2.4 but I have others that are the same and they show up fine. These that are in error show up in the Library when I browse to my NAS. One contains an “&” but others that have one show up fine.