[Solved] WiFi load and Spotify

Why is the WiFi dongle blinking like mad when playing Spotify through Airplay? Is this right?

missing informations:

  • device
  • Volumio version
  • name of the wifi dongle

and what do you mean with “like mad” ?

While I do agree there’s a lot of information missing, there might be some basic info that might help you.

From what I understand, Airplay keeps streaming the audio from client to the Volumio device, therefore keeping a data-stream for almost as long as it is playing. Dont expect it to just send a few bytes back and forth and be done.

Not sure what you mean by “blinking like mad” but I think this is just normal behaviour of your dongel handling data transmission.


Device: Pi-DAC (i2s)
Volumio 1.4
EdiMax WiFi dongle

When I play from my NAS, the dongle blinks occasionally. When I play from Spotify with Airplay from my laptop to Volumio, the dongle blinks continuously (‘like mad’ - sorry for my english :wink: ). I suspect this have to do with the probable fact that Spotify streams from the internet via the modem, then sends back through the modem to de Pi - lot more trafic! :wink: