[SOLVED] wifi configuration without eth or screen

Hi there, I have a simple question (which may imply a complicated answer).
I need to connect my RPi2+wifi to my router (WPA), but 1) the router has no eth plug (it’s a small 4G thing) so I cannot use the eth connection to configure volumio first and 2) I have no spare screen or keyboard.

On Raspbian, I would add a wpa_supplicant.conf file in /boot, or directly change stuff under /etc/network but volumio seems to be a rather different beast in terms of operating system than the standard linux I am used to, so I’m lost. Is there a way?

Thanks a lot!

Volumio provide (with supported wifi hardware) a wifi hotspot. It means that when you boot your device, a access point will be created, called Volumio. Just connect to it with your pc or smartphone, and you’ll access to VolumioUI and be able to configure your wifi !


I see it