[Solved] where is fstab of USB stick(sda1)

I am newbie so please bear with me.
I have been trying to move my Volumio1.5 root partition to a usb stick to prevent corruption of SD card.( keeping boot on SD card)
I found this guide: … 429a47c4f2.

BUT I cannot find the fstab of the USB stick!!( to edit as per guide)
lsusb does show the usb stick and its there on the dmesg output. df -h says its sda1 at mnt/USB
But doing ls /mnt/USB does not show fstab.

I can find the fstab of the SD card in /etc no problem.
Can some one tell me where the USB stick’s fstab is located?

I must be missing something very obvious. :blush:

I figured it out.

so, where is fstab from the usb stick located?

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