[SOLVED] web-UI queue not displayed in other mpd-clients?

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m a volumio-newbie, using other mpd-clients (e.g. ncmpcpp, MPDroid) to control volumio2 on my Raspberry Pi 2.

The playback queue only shows up in the volumio web-UI, but on other mpd-clients only the currently playing song is listed.
Why is that so, and can this be configured to be better compatible with other clients?

Thank you for any information :smiley:

I’ve just noticed, that this is not only cosmetic, but causes mal-behavior:
When another mpd-client is connected, playback stops after the current track because it only “saw” that one track in it’s play-queue :frowning:

Am I using it in the wrong way?

Thanks in advance!

I seem to remember that this is intentional. In order to be able to not only queue actual files using mpd but also web sources like Spotify tracks the queuing is handled by some part of Volumio, not by mpd. For details you’d have to do some searching on the forums, I’m afraid, as this is all I know.

Thanks Rolo!

I’ve investigated further and found related entries on github:

Linking them here for others to find.
Feel free to close this thread.