[Solved] Web radio link - white noise

Hi guys,
I’m having big troubles with the following link:
When I add and play it, makes just a continuous white noise.
I’m using Volumio 1.55/raspberry p 2/hifiberry amp+.

Menu -› Playback -› changing Resampling audio (it was on disabled)
worked for me

Thank you

Sorry to bring this up again, but i can’t find a way to solve this.
Anybody who can try the link on his Volumio?

Do you only experience it with this one station? Or with all webradio station’s?
And what about local music?

What have you tried to resolve it? For instance increased the buffer size and buffer before play?

Hoi MobeyDuck,
dankjewel! Your suggestion helped me to find the problem.
The link needed resampling. So now I"m using one of the list (all are working).
Do you have any suggestion on the ideal resampling to use?

Thank you again, and say hi to the beautiful Netherlands, I lived in A’foort for 3 years, then I moved to Germany.

Graag gedaan, I don’t know much about the re-sampling but I would probably pick the middle one as a starting point, if it’s to slow use the lighter one if its ok and you got headroom use the heavier.

I’ll make sure to pass it along