[Solved] Web/http commands to steer Volumio Player(s)

Hi, i was directly setting up my second Raspberry with Volumio as I was so glad that it worked directly and simply the first time! In the past, I was struggling setting up a system of Squeeze-Players with a Linux version (Squeezeslave, Squeezelite) - these are perfectly able to sync for Multi-Room, however the effort to set up the system, of the sound-cards, the linux settings is not worth the time its needing.
My question is if Volumio is already controllable per HTTP command similar to the Squeezeplayer system. I’ve added a few examples for that system.
The Idea is to steer the Volumio players with a command of “IP-Adress” “Player ID” “Command” with an own web-interface from a house-automation software - maybe an idea for the future? I couldn’t find a reference for it.
Anyway, enjoy the christmas season! and please keep working on the Volumio - it is really a very good thing!
Kind regards

squeezebox-forum.de/viewtopi … 521#p12286

Do you mean HTTP requests like these?

volumio/command/?cmd=seek%2026%2038 (SEEK)
volumio/command/?cmd=setvol%2094 (SET VOLUME)
volumio/command/?cmd=next (NEXT)

Hi Enapupe,

Thanks for this answer, this is also what i’m looking for. Do you have an overview of all possible commands and could please post this here? Also i’m looking for a synchronising option via HTTP comment - is this possible?


I ‘met’ volumio two days ago an I don’t have a manual with the complete functions list…
Maybe you ask the commands that satisfy your needs and I’ll take a look at it.
What do you mean as synchronization via http comment?

This is very usefull, it is not the list of implemented http commands but gives you an idea of what is possible:

manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/luc … mpc.1.html

Hi - thanks - but only a few commands seem to be working directly.
For the synchronization, i’m thinking of the functionality of the Anroid App that two or more volumio devices play the same song synchronized. This means, you can have music in several rooms at the same time. This, and steering all of them in parallel, is my intention.
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I just discover Volumio, it’s seams great! Nice job!!

I tried volumio/command/?cmd=play http request and it works well!!

What it the command to play a playlist named test1 for exemple?


Finally I found!!

If it interest other people:

volumio/command/?cmd=load%20test1 (Load PlayList “test1”)