[Solved] Volumio2, RPi2, FLAC files on NAS?

So, the new Volumio looks good and, by the feel of it, would appreciate a RPi3; getting things like the NAS (a Netgear NV+ V2) to respond was slow. I can see the directory structure in some random order (can’t find a sort button) but I can’t see any music files. Almost all the files are .FLAC by album within artist, with a sub-directory in each album for MP3 versions for the wife’s car player. No files, rescan as I might. Is there a ‘music type’ option I need to set?

Have you got your permissions correctly assigned on your NAS … just a thought.

I think so; I can put 1.55 back in and there’s the NAS plus files and it all just works. That’s what’s surprising; 2.0 looks like it’s almost there and yet I haven’t done … something. Or there’s a bug, but I don’t know which.

Just love it…

Updating from volumio-2.000-2016-10-13-pi to volumio-2.001-2016-10-15-pi has got rid of this bug, and I can delve deeper. Nice work!