SOLVED Volumio Spotify Authorize Not Working

Greetings, first time posting here. I have an Orange Pi PC+ running Volumio 2, last updated over a year ago. I have a Spotify premium account that works on my Raspberry Pi using the latest Volumio img. Unfortunately, my Spotify stopped working on the Orange Pi. I reinstalled the plugin, and also installed the plugin using an older fix posted in this forum where you have to get a refresh token from a now broken link.

I am able to login to Spotify through the Orange Pi PC+ Volumio2 plugin, but I cannot authorize. The pop-up window never comes up and the Volumio system actually reloads all plugins and shows a spinning circle.

Any idea how to get the Spotify Authorize process to work? I miss my playlists and have considered dumping Volumio, but I have my lcd2usb display working and a D10 DAC that works great! HELP!

<<<I booted another device (Raspberry Pi) with the latest image and copied over the volumio folder to the Orange Pi. Everything works again!

See the attachment. Here is what I get on the screen after clicking authorize.Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 9.12.52 AM.jpg