[Solved] Volumio as wireless laptop speakers?

I have RaspPi with volumio connected to my speakers in the bedroom. I use it for streaming music from media server via BubbleUPnP.

Sometimes I watch movies on my laptop (windows 7) or android tablet and I have been wondering - is it possible in any way to set volumio as my audio output in laptop? That would be awesome.

If not via wifi, maybe the answer would be in buying bluetooth controller for the RaspPi?

Thank you in advance for help/thoughts/suggestions.


bluetooth is not supported yet.

you can get the sound from your laptop/tablet (maybe) with upnp

As Joda2 said, UPNP is your friend. When some delay is not a Problem for you take a look at www.streamwhatyouhear.com for Windows Client. It works with Volumio >1.4 and you can stream to one or more Destinations (Volumios) at the same time. I’ve heard, that when you look movies with vlc client that they are some possibilitys to manage a delay. but i’ve never used it.

This was the best i’ve found. When somebody has found a “virtual Soundcard driver” with upnp possibilitys which looks ln windows like an normal soundcard please Post!

I use TuneBlade to stream my computer’s output via Airplay. It can also synchronize VLC video playback with the delayed audio! :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 for tuneblade ! A really better app than SWYH (which doesn’t work for me :frowning: )

Did anyone manage to make Volumio 2 work with SWYH? (not only with Http live streaming)
I posted a dedicated post here: swyh-stream-what-you-hear-volumio-t6948.html