[Solved] Volumio 2 doesn't play my Radio stations

I’m using Volumio a long time.
But now with the V2.246 it’s doesn’t play my local Radio Stations.

  •   Radio 7 Ulm                     -           [stream.radio7.de/stream1/livestream.mp3.m3u](http://stream.radio7.de/stream1/livestream.mp3.m3u)
  •   Radio 7 Aalen                  -           [stream.radio7.de/stream9/livestream.mp3.m3u](http://stream.radio7.de/stream9/livestream.mp3.m3u)
  •   Radio 7 Ravensburg         -           [stream.radio7.de/stream7/livestream.mp3.m3u](http://stream.radio7.de/stream7/livestream.mp3.m3u)
  •   Radio 7 Tuttlingen            -           [stream.radio7.de/stream12/livestream.mp3.m3u](http://stream.radio7.de/stream12/livestream.mp3.m3u)
  •   Radio 7 Digital                 -           [stream.radio7.de/stream5/livestream.mp3.m3u](http://stream.radio7.de/stream5/livestream.mp3.m3u)

after I won’t run one of this stations , I must Reboot and select another one then its runs again.
Can everywhere check this . Ore give me an Idear what its happend!
As plugins I have aktivate the GPIO and the Autostart from here

regards Makro

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Hello again and a happy new Year,

the Problem is still here.

Pleas can everyone give me a Idea or help!

I use an Raspberry Pi B and the newest Image (V 2.348).

When i start the station in a Web Browser then the links ar working .

regards makro

I’ve just tried adding the first one & it seems to work ok. Can you try and see if anything is showing up in the logs?

Hi Marko

This could be a problem with the download speed of the stream.
I have a similar problem when my girlfriend watch Netflix on TV and volumio plays webradio.
Yesterday I was almost insane because the radio suddenly stopped working and I could not find the fault. :laughing:

Well I have not tested yet, but I found maybe a solution.
In the mpd Config file you must increase following lines.

That’s just a idea and I want to test it today, too.

It’s working now.

the mistake is in the File from the radiostation they give me.

I cut the .m3u and then its playing

thank you for your help

regards Makro
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