[Solved] volumio 1.55 and multi OS boot


I just bought my first Raspberry Pi 2 recently and wanted to use it for music streaming. So I installed Volumio 1.55 and everything works perfectly.

Now I want to play around a bit more and try different OS as raspbian or raspbmc, but primarily keep usable my working Volumio 1.55. So my question: Is Volumio usable together with multi-OS-boot systems as BerryBoot for example, that enables the choice of the OS at every startup? I would then chose Volumio as the default boot option, but also enabling some more playing around with other OS.

If Berryboot wouldn’t work, are there any other options that work together with Volumio?

Thanks for you help!

no, not as far as i know
its a suggested feature: https://volumio.org/forum/inclusion-noobs-t312.html