[Solved] volumio 1.5 uPnP services not always visible


I am running volumio 1.5 on Raspberry Pi B+ and everything works except the volumio uPnP services (server and renderer) are not always visible to other systems and devices on the network. The volumio AirPlay service has no such issue and is always visible. The uPnP services seem to become visible randomly then disappear and doing a uPnP search from other systems does not seem to elicit any response from volumio.

Has anyone seen similar behavior? I’ve checked with FAQ and didn’t see anything relevant. Any help would be appreciated.


I had a stable success in this area with RPI B and Volumio 1.4/1.41. I’m interested to find out if this is as reliable with RPI B+ and Volumio 1.5.

How is your Pi connected to the network ? Hard wired Ethernet port of wireless receiver in USB Port ?

I’ll carry out some tests and get back to you. I’ll start off with Hardwired and Volumio 1.51.



I am using hardwired Ethernet but I have also tried WiFi with same results. The actual music streaming (AirPlay and DLNA) both work perfectly so that suggests the network is pretty stable.


See that : volumio-upnp-renderer-not-visible-can-see-upnp-server-t2108.html

A probleme with Airplay ? Like the Upnp name fixed recently ?

OK. It should be noted that the Renderer and Server functions are separate Services :-

2014-12-09 Music Server.JPG

2014-12-09 Music Renderer.JPG

I’m testing V1.51 (with default settings from the Image Burn). No dropouts so far but I will monitor. I’m only testing Renderer as I don’t personally use Volumio as a server.

I would recommend a little tool that might help next time you can’t see your Server or Renderer. Try it:-

2014-12-09 UPNP Tester.JPG

I tried a similar tool (upnp-inspector) but I am not sure how it helps. I ran the tool and it did not show volumio even after I forced a rescan for uPnP devices. About 5 minutes later volumio appeared without any action. It seems volumio is not responding to uPnP discovery requests. Is there a way to configure volumio to log uPnP discovery requests?

It is important to establish if you lose both server and renderer at the same time. If this is the case then I would then use the ping command to check if volumio / RPI is reachable on network during the 5 mins that you lose it.

If you find it is not reachable and you are using auto ip address then maybe try a static ip address. Let’s call this a shot in the dark !!

Not sure about any logging in volumio but you might find some network logging on your router. There are tools available for pc that can log all ethernet traffic but i have no experience these.

After some research I found the problem root cause is that multicast (required for uPnP search) network traffic was not being propagated correctly. My client device was connected to a wireless/lan router that was not passing multicast traffic which is why my client device was not able to discover volumio. The initial setup was fine with actual music streaming and initial startup broadcast from volumio because multicast networking is not used.

To make such problems easier to detect and resolve, volumio web interface should offer a way to show uPnP search requests it receives.