[SOLVED] Ver2.118 for RPi

Hi folks

I’ve downloaded the latest image for Pi a bunch of times and the MD5 hash does not match that on the download page.
I get 455322EB3DDD646A303D0E5D214D988E each time.
Please can someone confirm the correct hash.

[code]ian@study ~/temp $ md5sum volumio-2.118-2017-03-07-pi.img.zip

455322eb3ddd646a303d0e5d214d988e volumio-2.118-2017-03-07-pi.img.zip

ian@study ~/temp $ md5sum volumio-2.118-2017-03-07-pi.img

647ac3ab955a5967135cdba7475d0030 volumio-2.118-2017-03-07-pi.img[/code]

Thanks chsims1.
I think it is more normal to provide the hash of the download rather than the unzipped content but at least it makes some sense now.