[Solved] Using V with 3rd party server & controller

Hi! Very new to this and struggling …

I’ve installed Volumio 1.5 on a Raspberry-pi B+ with a Hifiberry DAC card, wanting to connect it to my stereo to play music from a QNAP NAS running MinimServer, using BubbleUPnP on Android devices as a control point. I’m having technical problems getting it running, which I’ll perhaps need to post for help with later, but atm I’m somewhat working in the dark for lack of a clear understanding of how it’s all supposed to work in terms of the relationship between server, renderer and control point. I want to use Volumio simply as a renderer/player. But in setting it up it seems to want to access my music library and build its own database, and this is where I’m confused. My key question is: Does Volumio itself need to be able to mount the NAS if it’s just being used as a renderer? I have MinimServer up and running on the NAS and I can access it and play music on various devices (eg Android tablet, Sony smart BD player). Those devices seem to be able to work simply by being on the same network, and I always assumed they were like ‘receivers’ fed by the controller and the server. But no doubt it’s more complex then that! Could someone kindly enlighten me?

Well having battled much of the day getting it all set up - it helps to have the DAC card properly seated on the pins!! - I can answer my own question: Volumio doesn’t need it’s own access to the music library in order to act as a renderer only. I have music playing as I type, served by MinimServer, controlled by BubbleUPnP and played by Volumio on my Pi+ with the hifiberry DAC+ card, and very sweet it sounds!

Nice one. I use volumio solely as a renderer and find it very reliable.