[Solved] USB mounted, but files are not in library


just got my PI B today and installed Volumio on it. Plugged my external HD into the USB and now i´ve got a problem. The USB is mounted correctly. Via volumio Web-UI i can click on browse and see all (music)folders, files etc. But if i click on library, it´s empty :frowning:
I´ve clicked on update mpd database and still it´s empty…any sugestions?

Thanks a lot for help,


The Library Tab will be empty if you have more than 10000 music files
See this Thread: http://volumio.org/forum/library-empty-after-scanning-18232-m4a-files-t1385.html for help

Oh, that´s the problem…hope there will be a fix out soon :cry:

Thanks for your help!