[Solved] strange pls playlist problem.

Hi , I just got volumio 1.5 set up on a Raspberry Pi B+ board. Its working well but Ive been having a strange problem with some pls files I have. They dont work , when I select them from the WEBRADIO list they dont play or even get added to the playlist , they just dissapear. But the situtation gets stranger , if I take the link out of the pls file and put it in a file named something.m3u - it works ???

For example I have the following .pls file which does not work…

Title1=WQXR New York

This same playlist file works fine in other players eg, vlc or audacious.
if I take the link ‘http://stream.wqxr.org/wqxr’ and put it in a file named WQXR.m3u it works. Does anybody know whats wrong ?

I found the solution to this problem. I had a bunch of pls files downloaded from radio station websites that were not working with mpd. The solution turned out to be pretty stupid. All the files start with the tag [Playlist] - note the capital ‘P’. Apparently mpd is case sensative when looking for this tag. So you need to change the [Playlist] to [playlist]. A simple sed command will do all the .pls files in a directory.

sed -i  's/\[Playlist\]/\[playlist\]/' *.pls