[SOLVED]SSH broken v2.246 with my RPI3


Trying since few days to access to my Volume through SSH.
Here is the return I’ve when I tried to get access: port 22: Connection refused

Thinking with a clean install to solve the problem but nothing. I’ve exactly the same behaviour than previously.
Internet is full of subjects about this issue with Volumio and SSH broken. The issue exists since few builds.

Do you have the same problem and what is the solution?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Find the solution here:https://volumio.github.io/docs/User_Manual/SSH.html

First method: file
Just create or copy a file called ssh in /boot . You can do it right after flashing Volumio, by creting it in the “Boot” partition of your SD Card.

Second method: DEV UI
Navigate to the DEV ui by pointing your browser to VOLUMIOIP/DEV or volumio.local/DEV . Find the SSH section, and click enable. From now on your SSH will be permanently enabled.

Obvious and make sense:) thank you!