[Solved] Spotify and occasional hick-ups

my volumio setup is based on an odroid-x2 (see signature) and works nearly perfect.
Nearly, because there are occasional hick-ups with Spotify, the rest is perfect.
Volumio has an up-time >20 days and plays everything I throw at it, up to 358.2kHz.
Only spotify has a glitch.
It does work, set to high quality and every now and then (4 minutes, 10 minutes, no fix pattern) it stops for a second and then continues.
dmesg shows nothing has been written since startup, mpd.log is not showing anything odd either.
A local windows client works OK, anybody any idea what to look for?

Cheers - Gé

this is likely due to caching. Please see here
I tried both these approaches successfully:

  • using a faster SD card and
  • moving he cache to ramdisk

Thanks a lot for the tip.
As I use a Transcend class 10 card already, I will try moving the cache.

Perfect with moving the cache, issue solved.