[SOLVED] Smartphone will not connect to Volumio

I have installed Volumio to my Odroid C2 and it is working like a charm through my windows 10 laptop using wifi.

Unfortunately i can’t connect through my windows smartphone. My phone It is connected to the same wifi as the laptop and the Volumio so i can’t really understand what the problem is. The only real difference i can think of is that i have installed bonjour at my laptop.

Try using the Volumio device IP address, rather than volumio.local.

Hi chsims1, thank you for the advise, i just did it and it worked :smiley:

Hello guys,

What about Mac ? I’ve been searching on my old PC how to connect on Volumio with my new but I won’t make… Probably a plug in problem, but i am no expert and I need help if you please…