[SOLVED] Small interrupts with HI-RES files


I am facing a problem while listening to HI-res files. Just before jumping to the next track (I would say 5 sec before), these is a small interrupt of music, something like 100 or 200 ms. It does not happen for every track, but most of the time, yes (something like 90%).

This does happen only with Hi-res files (for example 88,2 KHz, 24 b). Standard files do not show the problem.

It happens always at the same place (5 sec before playing the next track). So I don’t suspect my DAC (USB Objective DAC). By the way, there are no clicks, glitches, or any other unwanted noise, while listening the rest of the time,

Looks like it is related to the time when the file for the next track is fetched from the NAS? I use a Wifi connection.

I have increased to 12MB and 40% the size of the buffer. But the problem is still there, no change.

What can I do?

It seems to me that, when I listen to a single track (ie one track only in the queue), the problem does not appear… But that’s not very convenient…

This does not seem to be related to Hi-res or Low-res files.

  1. I have been listening to the same HI-res CD using mpd alone (with GMPC), and I don’t have these small interrupts. Back to volumio, they appear again.

  2. Some CD with low-res encoding (44 Khz, 16b) also show the same issue, but much shorter interrupts, and less frequent. You get them with the headphones. Much smaller, but they are present, although not always.

So is it related to the size of the file? Fetching the next track from the NAS on Wifi?

But MPD/GMPC do the same, so why does it happen only when the queue is managed by volumio?

Is it a burst on CPU load when changing track, so due to volumio software?

Any help appreciated

Solution: prefer a USB mounted HD to a NAS music library. This solves almost 100% the issue. Still some very short interrupts from time to time, always at the end of a track, but nothing to compare with what I had before.