[SOLVED] Server unexpectedly closed network connection

I installed version 2.129 and now I can not access via ssh (Putty) and also via sftp (Server unexpectedly closed network connection).
Any ideas?


what is your device ?
is it a fresh install or a update?

Sorry, Rasp 3 + Dragon Fly Dac.
I update from 2.041
Before I connect easily with User: volumio, Pass: volumio

I see . It is a known issue… You can try to remove /data. Or…re Flashing the version. Sorry

Crash! return to 2.041…

same problem, version 2.141 and old 2.114
no connection with putty or filezilla…
Raspberry 2

Any idea?

Please flash the new image and everything will work.
SSH will break only if you update from a pre 2.040

I flashed the new version 2.175, ssh access works but sftp connection times out. Any idea?

Working here with RPi3, v2.175. If you can ssh, then run ‘sudo journalctl -f’ before attempting sftp from a different console session, and see if it throws out any errors.

[CLOSED] Sorry, silly mistake in configuring fixed IP address. All working well now.