(solved) send log or bug report fails

Good morning,
I’m trying to begin to resolve some problems I’m having with my Allo Boss Player running Volumio 2.457 and connecting to a network via a TP-Link TL-WN822N.

The first problem I want to resolve is that when I try to “Send Log or bug report” from volumio.local/dev/, I get a message “sending log report, please wait” but it never completes. I don’t know if it’s related, but when I try to check for updates in Volumio browser interface, I also get a please wait message that never resolves. Perhaps my machine is not properly accessing the internet? Not sure if it’s related, but another recurring problem is that the network connection drops, usually after only a few minutes of activity.

To begin a work around, I’ve enabled SSH and accessed the player using PuTTY.

[size=150]Can someone walk me through commands to access the Log through SSH? I have some experience with Linux command lines, but not much.

Thanks so much in advance. I’ve been enjoying the sound of my Boss Player since last January, but it’s been buggy and I haven’t had time to try to look at the bugs until now.


Would it be possible for you to try your device with a wired connection (to rule out wifi problems)?

As far as obtaining a log from the command line, you can run ‘sudo journalctl -b’ which will list the system log since the last boot. Alternatively you can interactively view the log messages by typing ‘sudo journalctl -f’ … everything you do now with the Volumio GUI in a browser will show the corresponding log messages in your Putty terminal.

Thanks chsims1! I’ll try a LAN connection and now that I can see the log, I’ll start trying to resolve the other problems in more detail.