[Solved] Raspberry Pi 2 + Volumio 1.55 choppy/ sound

I was almost done (or so I thought) with setting up my new Raspberry Pi 2 with Volumio, I used the image to flash it and everything went fine…I needed to add the network drive manually but the playback is choppy.

I’ve been looking for answers but can’t find anything about this, so what have I missed? What can be the reason for this weird behaviour?

  • No DAC
  • Analog Output

The same results on these streaming services:

  • Spotify
  • Web radio
  • Network drive


If I understand, you have no DAC, so you use the raspberry analog output. You have to know that this output is not usable to properly play music. You can use it to check your configuration but not to have a good idea of what can a raspberry and volumio do ! So get a DAC (first price is near 15€) and you’ll hear the difference! Have a look here : usb-dac-compatibility-list-t2151.html for usb dac.

Thanks for your reply, however I’m not buying that the lack of a DAC explains this behaviour. It’s most likely a problem or lack of (or even bad) implementation of Volume and the Pi I²S.

However the a DAC will increase the audio quality and might be recommended but in my mind should not be required.

I will try a HiFiBerry DAC+ that is lying around at work, and see if a DAC solves my issues.

So the test with the HiFiBerry DAC+ seams to solve the problem.

ok !
Sure it’s far better than the RPI output ! :wink:

seems that maybe this articel will help you :


But i am agree : Sound is much better with good DAC on RPi!
Personally i am using HiFiBerry DAC+ and i can tell you that listening Mozart on such set is amazing experience! (on widly, but unfairly criticised Logitech Z906 speakers)

I have to say the problem persists, but now on a more unregular basis, the RPi2 comes unresponsive (no ping reply or 3,000+ ms) a while then it’s back to normal, sometimes it need a reboot to perform good again.

The logs doesn’t say much to me!

I’ll try to update as described in the link above!

A. Did you tried some local file to playback?
B. What class of sdcard have you got?
C. What kind of network connection do you use? Wifi/Ethernet?
D. If Wireless - what network adapter have you got? (maybe Ralink based?)

Log will be usefull :stuck_out_tongue: