Solved problems after fresh install

Here are some problems I faced after the installation which could be avoided with very few changes in the documentation:

  • the adress to connect is volumio, not volumio.local
  • all the usb devices need to be plugged before the launch of volumio : it is implicit in the documentation, if one follows the steps, but it would be more clear if stated explicitly.


  • Both volumio and volumio.local do work, volumio.local is the one that works in most situations
  • In getting started guide is stated that you must connect everything before boot. I will make it more clear, if that helps

Thank you Michelangelo for the answer.

Yes, the getting started guide is correct ! In my case, the address volumio.local didn’t work and I first tried to check the plugs. Thus I unplugged/regplugged the dac. I think it is quite common to check the plugs if something is wrong,

Thank you for the good work !