[SOLVED] Problem accessing WdmyCloud nas

Hallo forum

I just got an Raspberry Pi 2 up and running with a hifiberry digi + board and volumio software

But i cant for the life of me, get the gui to acces/find my WdmyCloud NAS server

I´m typing in the right IP adresse for the NAS
The network share adresse, im a little confused about, since i´m a little confused how the adresse should look like? I have a share on my Wdmycloud called Music i just want to acces But i think the problem is, that Volumio cant find my NAS in the first place.

Any help is appreciated


Volumio should find it for you and you should not need to write in the address.

But it dosn’t… :frowning:

Volumio tries to find network storage devices, but it’s success is dependent on your particular setup. For example, it never automatically finds my NAS.

The IP address of your NAS is straightforward, but the path is not always obvious. With my Synology NAS, I have a shared folder called ‘Music’, but the actual share path is ‘volume1/Music’…this is set by the NAS system. You should be able to find the actual path from somewhere in your NAS software, or do a quick search online.

But i can’t :-/

Try using ‘/Public/Music’ as the path.

So no IP number first

Only : /public/Music ???


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But it dosn`t work :frowning:

Do you use NFS og CIFS ?

By default Wd my cloud have a Public share with Music , pictures and videos folders in it.

I dont use that share, because its public to the internet. Therefor i have made a new share in the root called "Musik" I did try with /public/music.... but it dosnt work
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If you have ssh access to your device, list the shares that Volumio should be able to see (assuming cifs):

smbclient -L

If ‘Musik’ is listed as a share then try to manually mount it:

mkdir /mnt/test sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/test -o username=myusername

If there are no error messages, check your files are there:

ls /mnt/test

Thanks my friends…

This helped me A LOT :slight_smile:

I can now se my Music share…

Again thanks…

Glad that you got it sorted :slight_smile: Was it a ‘path’ problem?

Yes it was
And cifs insted of NFS