[SOLVED] Play Folder option

Volumio is getting better and better with each update. We are grateful for your wonderful work.

Can you please give a link to play all songs in a folder. This will make it easier for users who just want to hear one folder, instead oof having to add their favourite songs one by one.


I hope I’m understanding your questions correctly…

In any of the views (Genera, Album, Artist, etc.) there are three white dots in a vertical alignment either on the far right of each element in a list or in the upper right hand corner of the album art view of your music. Click on that and you get a pull down which has a ‘Play’ option. Click that and it will play entire Albums, all songs of an Artist or all songs in a Genre.

Hope that helps. You can also add things to a playlist or into the play queue that way also.

Got it. Thanks!!