[Solved] pi usb out to receiver w/ built in dac

Hi all, just getting started w/ Volumio but have one question: I have a pi and this receiver:
usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-vi … /r-n500_u/
It has a built in dac and a usb input on the front . Can I go straight out from the pi usb into this input and use their built in dac? It would save me having to buy one (don’t mind spending the money but all the good ones are from Europe - none in Canada that I can see.)
I did try it but so far can’t get it working. Are the 2 compatible?
thanks much for the help…

I would guess that the USB input on the front of the reciver is for reading music off of Ipods , phones and USB key drives rather than an input for the DAC. So it probably wont work. What you need is a USB -> SPDIF converter, these are available cheaply on ebay. You could then plug into one of the optical inputs on the reciever and use its onboard DAC.

that makes sense - Ive been using it for just that, charging my phone and reading usb keys. The SPDIF thingies seem to be the same price or more than the piggyback dacs for the pi. They also seem to be offshore so I think I’ll just wait for this dac:
tindie.com/products/IQaudIO … erry-pi-b/
It piggy backs on the pi so I won’t have another box to deal with and maybe better sound? Not sure but I like to keep wires and boxes to a minimum.