<Solved> No sound from my Pi Please help me

Pi zero W, justboom amp hat.

I suddenly can’t seem to get sound out of my pi in the garage, please help me.
what have I gone and done?

It was working and then a couple of days later it doesn’t.
I have been fiddling with another pi in the lounge. Maybe i clicked on the wrong setting or something somewhere on the garage one by mistake?
Or something.

It is a new install about a week ago.
Like I say, all went to plan and it starts up fine and i can see it playing on the browser, just no audio.

Happy to hear the obvious that I might have done and overlooked.

Volume is not at zero.
i2s dac is ON
DAC model is: Generic I2S DAC
Rebooted a few times.

I can’t think of anything else.

I knew it was obvious. Staring me in the face.

Needs to be DAC model Justboom.
The Generic i2s dac is for the other one.