[Solved] Model B+ Library Update Broken

Man this is frustrating.
I have a Model B that is functioning fine. Transferred the SD card to a Model B+ and no network connection. After investigation I discovered the B+ release. Downloaded and installed and now I have a network connection, but nothing I can do will convince the Library to update. The B+ has four usb ports and I have a small set of music files on a USB stick that I am trying to use. Web interface comes up, library update says its started but nothing happens, activity light on the USB stick does not flicker. Any suggestions

With Library you mean the music displayed in the Browse Tab?
The USB Stick is recognized correctly?

You update your library like this:
Top right side go to menu - Library
Press the Update Library Button

Yes, that is exactly what i attempt to do and it does not work. In regard to whether or not the USB stick is recognised correctly - I dont know, how can I check. All i know is that if I move back to the B model then the same USB stick works fine, so I dont think that is the problem. My assumption is that the system is not picking up the USB stick correctly on the B+ model

try this: http://volumio.org/forum/usb-mounting-problems-solved-t1783.html

Progress … thanks for the advice. The manual mount worked fine. But … I need to find a way to make the auto mount work reliably every time. The intended use is in a situation where a manual mount will not be possible and individual users will be encouraged to plug in their own music collections so change will be constant. Any suggestions. I will try different USB Sticks to see if some behave better than others - happy to explore any option.

Looks like it is all sorted. I now have a B+ model running headless, acting as a wireless host with the ability to add music wireless-ly via SMB. Have MPDroid on a Nexus Tablet and a Samsung phone - all systems are go. Configuring the wireless was challenging but got there in the end. If anyone wants to know how to do this ask away.

you can make a Guide in the Guide section :wink: