[Solved] Local GUI?


I am planing a DIY system based around a RPi. In addition to the remote GUI I was wanting to added a small touch LCD to my system (e.g. 2.8" TFT + Touch Shield Display Board for Raspberry Pi)

Does Volumio support directly connected GUIs?



that would be quite interesting indeed.

I am hoping to do the same with this display:


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I’ll be straight… On the PI forget the local webui… This is something that will need tons of packages and will slow the system terribly…

I’m planning to do that on more powerful platform, with Udoo especially (and use a touch LVDS display…) …

You can however hook a small LCD on the pi via gpios, I’ll publish a guide on that soon!

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I have the same interest on local GUI.

If like @michelangelo said (and seems reasonable) it will slow down the Raspi, why dont use another Raspi attached to the one that host Volumio? Maybe that connection could be done using a WAN or a crossover ethernet cable.

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I would love to see this on the Utilite.

I support the request for a local GUI. Some people do not run volumio headless.
It does not have to be by browser and the web-frontend. Maybe something like
gbemol will do also?

I have a cubox-i2eX hooked up on my tv. It should have enough cpu performance
to fuel a local GUI.


A nice start: home.uktechreviews.com/Raspberry … Radio.html

It is based on mpd en mpc en it uses the 2.8 Touchscreen by Adafruit.



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Hi everybody, total noob here, sorry in advance for the terriblly stupid things I may say/ask.

I discovered Raspberry platform last week and first project I figured out was a terribly powerful portable mp3 player.
Of course the application would need the local GUI you are talking about in this post.

So, stupid question number one: do solution by Buckler for mpc would apply to Volumio also? Can pygame be called in Volumio OS and therefore allow visualization of a custom made menu on a screen (I was also thinking to Adafruit piTFT)?

Thanks a lot



See this thread:

djoulle got a touchscreen working with 1.4 and he made a goodand (for me) easy to follow guide.

If you read the thread you’ll notice that I tried to get it to work (non touch) on 1.5 I couldn’t get it to work but it works on 1.4 there were some changes and dependancy issues

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Thanks a lot MobeyDuck,

final result obtained by Joule is definitely awesome.

I can finally send my letter to Santa Claus asking for the pieces needed to build my super cool portable audio player. :smiley:

Just a question: some posts ago michelangelo said that a solution of this type would slow down too much the system: how good are performances in real practice?

Thanks again, ciao!