[SOLVED] Language and keyboard


I’m French :stuck_out_tongue:
And when I install for the first time Volumio, the first step is the language : My choice “Français” but when I want to write the keyboard is QWERTY not AZERTY :imp: :imp:

Is it normal ? I use Volumio in VirtualBox.
Thank you for your answers.

volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … tions.html

Thank you Balbuze

But my problem is VirtualBox :unamused:
Volumio is already Graphics i dont have the command line :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to have Volumio on USB key

I know this problem with virtalbox, but I never tried to solve… Just acces to your device from the web browser of your computer (the one running virtualbox or an other) and you won’t have this problem… :mrgreen:

Bonjour Balbuze :mrgreen:

I got there, finally :smiling_imp:
My Windows network and VirtualBox configurations are not well done.
If I help, this is what I did:
:arrow_right: In Windows 10:

  1. Control Panel / Network and Internet / Network Connections
  2. Select active connections (Ethernet and VirtualBox)
  3. Create a network bridge

:arrow_right: In VirtualBox (5.2.18):

  1. Select your machine (At home, Debian)
  2. Configuration / Network / Card 1:
  3. Network Access Mode: Bridge Access
  4. Name: Select your network card

Launch the VM Volumio

In Windows 10 :

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. volumio

There surprise the music is there :stuck_out_tongue: